So I’m in the midst of studying for my midterms but there is a quick story that I felt I just HAD to share before it left my brain (along with biochemistry).

I think facebook is a great way to keep in contact with family friends, and to be able to stalk anyone we want (especially when you see a cutie in lab). But overall I love facebook because there are idiots who think starting full blown fights on social media is an appropriate method of action.

To set up the scene, my entered medical school class has a fb page where we can post questions from lectures or announce events, etc. We have a few trolls on the website, but nothing major has ever happened and the page was a bit uneventful…until last night.

Just like any other night, someone (“Kate”) posted a question about some sort of blood pathway (to be honest I didn’t read the entire post, since it was probably 10 pages long) but she prefaced everything with a “DO NOT ANSWER UNLESS YOU ARE 100000% sure” . A a few hours someone (“Dan”) finally responds and tries to help Kate out. To which she responds:

“You don’t know anything, that is clearly wrong. Why don’t you do something productive any study some more. That kind of thinking won’t help you on the exam”

oh snap…pass the popcorn.

I could have spared her the heart ache of knowing the truth, but for someone who responds so rudely she needs to learn a lesson about professionalism and that sitting behind the computer doesn’t make you more powerful. Truth is, Dan is actually a teacher, and I only know this because I have been to one of his(very helpful) tutoring sessions. As I scrolled down through the comments, Dan kept is composure and I noticed that he refrained from mentioning that he is someone who is actually quite an expert on the subject matter. Finally the thread ended when someone else finally threw Kate a bone and kindly informed her who exactly she was speaking to.

She may have quickly deleted the entire thread from facebook, but the stamp of shame is still there. And she successfully made an ass out of herself in front of the entire class – and some administration that is linked to the facebook group. Oh well, her mistake is my break time from studying pleasure.

Moral of the story kids? Don’t be one of those people who pick fights on social media – you may be trying to prove your point (and of course you should always stick to your guns if you believe in something) but do it in private. Your issues with others is nobody else’s business….but if you still choose to do so, I guess you can take comfort in knowing that somewhere, someone is blogging about it.

Respect is is not a right, it is earned. And unfortunately for Kate, she left a huge chunk of it on facebook.

Can’t wait until Dan lectures.



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