First Post: My journey to medical school

Hello! And welcome to my blog. If you’re here then it means that you’ve either been accepted or are thinking of starting medical school. I’ll start first by saying, you’re crazy. Absolutely nuts. But hey, if you survived undergrad, the MCAT (I still quiver with fear whenever I say it), AND you’re still interested – welcome to this culturally accepted form of mental and emotional abuse.

My pathway to medical school I feel is no different than many other “non-traditional” students. For those of you who haven’t started the application cycle yet, non traditional pretty much means that I didn’t go straight from college to med school. I essentially took 3 years to get my master’s degree and then spent a year working before I made the decision to pursue my first dream of medicine.

I think some people like to sugar coat their “non-traditional” status by saying “well I wanted to take a break from school” or “I wasn’t sure if medical school was for me.”  To be completely honest, for some people these types of reasons are true (namely for those who are much older than the rest of the student population), but for the most part it’s total BS. These non traditional students in denial didn’t go to medical school straight out of undergrad because they didn’t have a high GPA and/or the MCAT score was too low (or some other academic reason).

Point. Blank. Period.

This applies to me as well. I won’t lie, I messed up in college. I dipped my fingers into too many student organizations and even though I was pretty important *flips hair back* on campus in terms of student leadership, medical schools didn’t feel the same way. That’s just the reality of the situation but I learned from it and when I went to grad school I told myself that I had to man up and it’s either I change my study and work ethic now, or I settle for a desk job. I worked hard, got a better MCAT score and then got into med school.

I’m really thankful that this whole AMCAS application process kicked me in the ass because it made me realize that I wasn’t as great as I thought I was in my head. It was a major confidence blow but it has made me into an even better candidate for medicine. Did I get jealous whenever I saw facebook posts from former undergrad classmates getting or even graduating medical school? Of course. I had those *eye roll* types of friends that posted statuses with their acceptance letters in hand getting hundreds of “likes”  (please for the love of God, don’t be that person who does this. People may be congratulating you but you actually look super pretentious. 1000 times more so if it’s an ivy league. Sorry to burst your bubble). The feeling even stings more when it’s someone that you used to think was “not as smart as you” or a “slacker.” But let me give you one piece of advice, trying to be bitter towards these people won’t increase your chances of getting into medical school just use it as fuel to study harder and to claim the major prize, which is to be a physician. Cue “the more you know” NBC rainbow.

It took me a few years but hey, I’m here now. Writing this new blog post in my new school in a new place with a not-so-fresh cup of coffee in my hands.

If you just skimmed through this super long post, I don’t blame you. I do the same things whenever I see a too long blog. But here’s the cliff notes version: get off whatever high horse you’re on because you’re no better than any other candidate and it’s going to be hard and grueling work but I promise you, this white coat is so worth it. At least it better be for what I’m paying…Again, I’m just a first year. Let’s see how my tone changes in about a weeks time after classes come into full swing.



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